Sara Nunes
ter 30 nov

Our Commitment

In 3DCORK we are committed to strategies of product and market diversification, rooted on a philosophy of constant innovation. Always related to a strong understanding of the dictates of economic competitiveness and of global market requirements.

Specially in the cork manufacturing processes, which we are continually improving, in the enhancing of product attributes and features, in the introduction of new cork trendy products.

We are committed to the building of sustainable competitive advantages upstream in the value chain, which result in efficient productive processes and downstream, through the satisfaction of the requirements of demanding clients in differentiated markets.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and the vision of our founders, Bernardo and Sara, makes the difference between success and failure - we are endowed with sophisticated technologies, showing a constant concern for continual improvement of management processes, through the adoption of systems and techniques of modern management, know-how and knowledge of productive processes as well as markets globally.